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General Provisions

The Administrators' expectations of respect includes not using expletives when contacting an Administrator; accepting all decisions made by the Administrators concerning conflicts; and general courtesy while on the forums.

The Administrators' understanding of harassment as mentioned in Section VII(d)(i) includes using terms that are widely found to be offensive (racial slurs, derogatory terms, etc.; in an Out-Of-Character context) after being asked to cease.

Members and Administrators should understand that, as per Section VI(c), all Members have submitted their information willingly onto a Public List; and in contacting another Member or being contacted by someone who may or may not be a Member, they are entering contact with one another willingly. If any conflict occurs during personal communication, the Members should take measures to prevent an escalation of conflict. The provision of Section V and Section VII(a)(i) should only be made a last resort.

*Administrators reserve the right to review and change these Policies as required. Policies will be published in this text file with any recently changed lines marked by an asterisk (*).


All applications that are properly completed are accepted.

Amendments to or removal of a member's listing should be requested by e-mail to [email protected]

New listings will be starred on the List for a period of one (1) week from entry into the system.

Information in the Application will be entered at the Database Manager's discretion, using the following guidelines.


All 'Current Cravings' are accepted provided all required information is included: (Name, website and listing details).

All 'Current Cravings' will be posted for one week. Five (5) days after the initial posting, the member will be contacted to determine if they would like to prolong their posting. If no response is received, the listing will be taken down on schedule.

A 'Current Craving' can be removed or modified on request from the Member.


All evaluations are accepted, regardless of their positive or negative tones, unless the posting Administrator determines there is reason to believe that an evaluation is untruthful (see Section IV(b) below).

An evaluation may be contested by either party concerned (the evaluated or the submitter).

An evaluation that is contested of being untruthful will be removed from the site until a decision has been made by all of the Administrators.

All decisions regarding the validity of any contested evaluation will be based on information gathered from both parties concerned; which is to be reviewed by the Administrators as a group.

Any and all decisions made by the Administrators on the fate of evaluations will be final.

An evaluation may be removed only by the person who submitted it.


Conflict between members is to be reported to an Administrator as deemed necessary for the resolution of the dispute.

Members engaged in a conflict should make every effort to excuse themselves from both the conversation and situation to prevent prolonging and escalating the conflict.

The Administrators will review any conflict that happens on-site and will follow the steps outlined in Section VII(d) as necessary.

Activity Checks

The website admins run required semi-annual activity checks. Why do we do this? We do this to ensure that all of our members are up-to-date, active, and all their contact information is correct. During these checks all members will receive an email during which they will:

State they want to remain on The List, or be removed from The List

Make any changes or updates to their listing that they desire

Apply to any new features of The List

If members do not reply to the Activity Check on time then they will be removed from The List. Removed members information is kept for a few months after the Activity Check just in case they are away for any reason and wish to be re-added to The List on their return.

Responsibility of the Members

All Members are required to read and comply by the Policies of the Site as outlined here.

All Members are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of their information on the List. This includes keeping any links to personal roleplaying websites updated.

Amendments to a Listing are to be e-mailed to the admins at [email protected].

Members who submit their information to the site are doing so by their own personal choice and recognize that the List is one that may be accessed by Members and Non-Members alike.

(*)All members are required to submit a link to a personal website that details their own roleplaying preferences, or submit a short blurb in lieu of the website.

Removal from the Mailing List may be requested through an email to the admins at [email protected].

Members should submit accurate and truthful evaluations of any Roleplay partners they have found through the database.

Members are encouraged to link to the site on their personal Roleplay sites using either a direct link or use of a 'Linkback Button' made available on the site.

Suggestions, ideas, complaints, issues or any other matter of positive or negative concern should be brought to the attention of the admins at [email protected].

Responsibility of the Administrators

The Site and/or Administrators are not responsible for the interaction between Members that occurs off-site (i.e. personal e-mails, instant messages, external forums).

At the request of a Member, the Administrators may be requested to look into misconduct if both parties are Members listed on the site.

Depending on circumstances and evidence of conflict (or lack thereof), Administrators reserve the right to deny arbitration.

The site is not responsible for Non-Members who contact Members on the List.

The Administrators may send out a single e-mail with weekly updates, which include new things happening to the site, contests and a listing of new members.

More than one e-mail may be sent if the site is undergoing major changes (i.e. when we switched to the database form).

The Administrators will not remove a member from the List or Forums without due cause.

Reasons for removal include, but are not limited to, extended inactivity, continued on-site harassment of Members, disrespecting Administrators or spamming of the Forum.

If no expected return date was posted with a specific request for Hiatus, the Administrators will regularly make contact with the inactive Member to determine state of the Listing. If no response is received for over one (1) month, the Member will be subject to removal from the List.

Members removed for this purpose will have their Listing kept on file for an additional month for ease of re-introduction if the Member should return and make such a request.

Any Member found to be acting in violation of these Policies will incur a warning, to a maximum of three (3). Once a member has received three warnings, they will enter a three (3) week probation period, which will included revocation of forum privileges and a warning flag on the public List for the information of other Members.

If no infractions occur during the three week probation period, the Member will regain full access to the site.

If the Member in question does incur another infraction, they will be subject to a ban from the Forums and removal from the Site.